Call for Writers Poster // UHURU

On campus, I am employed by Uhuru Magazine, a student run publication that focuses on diversity and culture, both on and off campus. It's a very cool team to be a part of! This as a poster created at the beginning of the year to recruit new writers and encourage anyone interested to get in contact with the editors to get involved. 
If you feel inclined, Uhuru's website is: It's a brand new website that we just launched this fall!
I love working for Uhuru because the designers are given a lot of freedom. Often we are only given a theme or general look that the art director wants, and we are free to go from there. 
For this poster I was given the dimensions, a list of points that needed to be included, and instructions to use a sans serif typeface in order to stay consistent with what the print magazine looks like. Beyond that, I was free to do what I wanted, it's an awesome, and pretty unique experience. 
Thank you for checking out my work!

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